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Coffee Cupping and Brewing Session


Join us in our  Roastery Section  30 meters east of our Cafe at  Auroville for a 2-hour, in-depth introduction to cupping and brewing!

We will learn how to use The Flavour Wheel, cup a limited selection of speciality coffees
from around the world and score them, following the SCA cupping protocols.

Includes a brewing session of the class’ favorite coffee,
fresh beans of 100gm Marc’s Coffee for participants to take home, and also some exciting coupons for online orders.

Please note: This is a non-refundable course. Try to be on time and refrain from using perfume for that day as it interlopes the original aroma of the coffee.

Molecular Coffee: A Master Class

Dear progressive coffee planters,

We are preparing for the upcoming workshop on Molecular coffee.
This program will widen your perspective and knowledge about the key elements needed to produce high-scoring, outstanding coffees, consistently – year after year.

The program consist in 4 master classes of 1:30 hours each via GoogleMeet from 6 pm to 8:30 pm – Through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Each class will cover one module:

1 – Water and sanitation
2- Harvest and microbiology
3- Fermentation techniques and bioreactor
4- Controlled drying

Stay safe,
Marc Tormo