Marc's Coffees

Indian Specialty Coffees from Seed to Cup

freshly roasted in Auroville, since 2008.


Marc's Story

Marc Tormo Altimira (born 1971), is a coffee entrepreneur, roaster, brewer and creative consultant, with more than 20 years of international experience in the specialty coffee movement.

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Marc's Café

Roast & Taste

Welcome to wonderland of coffee lovers, Marc’s Café, Roast & Taste. Run by a team of passionate, dedicated and cheerful people, we’ve built a reputation over the years of taking coffee seriously.

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Marc's café, Roast & Taste

Welcome to Marc’s café , Roast & Taste, wonderland for coffee lovers.Run by a team of passionate, dedicated and cheerful people, we have built a reputation for taking coffee “seriously”, We carefully source our beans at selected estates in South India, and roast them in small batches, right here, at the café to ensure freshness and unique coffee experience.Buying beans? We will grind them freshly to exactly suit your brewing method. Enjoy the experience!
Marc's café, Roast & Taste
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