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Marc's Story


Marc Tormo Altimira (born 1971), is a coffee entrepreneur, Q Grader, roaster, brewer and creative consultant, with more than 20 years of international experience in the specialty coffee movement.

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Matilde's Story


Born in Barcelona,Catalonia in 1969, Matilde set out to explore the Argentinian Patagonia and began to work in the Tourism and hospitality industry, after some studies at the History of Art College in Barcelona.
Later on, she came to Auroville,India, in 1996 with her husband, Marc Tormo.
Matilde co-founded Coffee Ideas (founder – Marc Tormo) in 2008, but was more deeply involved in Auroville’s educational aspects and supporting the growth of her children since 2000.
By the end of Marc and Matilde’s 8-month trip in South America (2014), traveling with their children, she dedicated herself fully to Coffee Ideas as a researcher, head of customer care and resources person in the company, and still is today.










Marc's Café

Roast & Taste

Welcome to wonderland of coffee lovers, Marc’s Café, Roast & Taste. Run by a team of passionate, dedicated and cheerful people, we’ve built a reputation over the years of taking coffee seriously.

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Marc's café, Roast & Taste

Welcome to Marc’s café , Roast & Taste, wonderland for coffee lovers. Run by a team of passionate, dedicated and cheerful people, we have built a reputation for taking coffee “seriously”, We carefully source our beans at selected estates in South India, and roast them in small batches, right here, at the café to ensure freshness and unique coffee experience. We are a artisan coffee roasters and we roast in small batches, light medium and dark roast . We will grind them freshly to exactly suit your brewing method. Enjoy the experience!
Marc's café, Roast & Taste
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Our team celebration of Mahasaraswati Pooja
Marc's café, Roast & Taste
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Since more than a year Coffee Ideas has been training a group of Auroville youth about coffee.
This is a compilation of our trip to 2 coffee states in O'Valley and Panrimalai where they visited, learned about biodinamic coffee ,planted saplings and processed the beans .
Marc's café, Roast & Taste
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Marc's café, Roast & Taste
Vintage video of one of our outings to the coffee states!
Marc's café, Roast & Taste
Marc's café, Roast & Taste1 week ago
Such a sweet description of one of our single states coffees.
Marc's café, Roast & Taste
marc's coffees
Welcome to coffee lovers wonderland. Coffee is our live, and sharing it with you our mission. Discover the unique flavors of Indian coffees made with care, a...
Marc's café, Roast & Taste
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Our inspiration to start working with cacao came from our South American trip.
We would like this opportunity to thanks Leonor Zambrano from Solidaridad cacaotera and Carlos Davila and Herman from ARAWI Cocoa Products to be such a hosts in Ecuador.
And all the Tasting team from Casa Luker, Colombia