Deepan Story

Born in 1997, Tamil Nadu.

Studied as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer and worked with Reliance Jio as Network Engineer.

I wanted to try something new and started working at Marc’s Café. Being a barista allows me to meet and interact with new people which makes me happy. I’ve come to know that I enjoy being a barista more than being an Engineer.

Dinesh Story

Born in Auroville 1999, Tamil Nadu.

Studied at Future School Auroville

My passion of coffee began when attended one of Marc’s Master Class, from there my interest in coffee grew more and more to the point that I decided to take coffee as my career.

I have been trained by SCA trainer, Mr. Marco de Michelle, competed at the Aeropress Competition Bangalore 2018. Visited our organic certified coffee plantations in Tamil Nadu, to have a holistic understanding of coffee from the seed to the cup.