Mysore Royal

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100% Arabica
Growing Region: Pulneys, Tamilnadu / Wayanad, Kerala / Coorg, Karnataka
Height Of Cultivation: 2500-4000 ft (750 – 1200 m) above sea level
Processing Method:33.3% fully washed; 33.3% sun-dried / natural; 33.3 % monsooned
Highlighted by the washed, sweetened by the sun-dried & smoothened by the monsooned beans
Roast Level: light-roast (210°C / 410 F MET)
Grade:AA, AB

Grinding: Always try to grind your beans just before brewing. If you do not have a grinder then, we will freshly grind your coffee, choose the grinding style depending on your brewing method. French press (coarse grind), V60, Moka pot, Aeropress, Espresso, South Indian Filter, Turkish (super-fine grind)

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If light roasts have never worked for your palate then maybe you haven’t been having the right ones.

Mysore Royal, unlike many other light roasts will not leave you unsatisfied with a bland uncoated tongue. The grounds give off a lot of citric and a subtle jelly biscuits fragrance.

The brew will make you sniff it twice for the fragrances of fruits, caramel and very delicate spices till you end up dipping your nose tip in it. But you decide it is better to take a huge gulp and you exclaim ‘how fruity and tasty’!


It is a balanced taste between the likes of oranges, muskmelons and dry fruits like cashew. If delved more, one might be able to detect a very subtle spice at times.


This brew comes with low acidity.


A good light-medium roasted coffee with a decent body, not too thin, a mellow, round mouthfeel.

Best brewed either in an aeropress or a drip coffee maker, Mysore Royal can be had at any time of the day when you are feeling low.