Kaveri Espresso Blend

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85% Arabica, 15% Robusta
Growing Region: Pulneys, Tamilnadu / Wayanad, Kerala
Height Of Cultivation: 2500-4000 ft (750 – 1200 m) above sea level
Processing Method: 70% fully washed; 30 % sun-dried / natural
Gives a mix of highlighting acidity, as well as the roundness and sweetness of sun-dried processing
Roast Level: medium (217°C / 420 F MET)
Balances the acidity and flavor notes with the strong caramels from darker roasts
Grade: AA, AB, PB

Grinding: Always try to grind your beans just before brewing. If you do not have a grinder then, we will freshly grind your coffee, choose the grinding style depending on your brewing method. French press (coarse grind), V60, Moka pot, Aeropress, Espresso, South Indian Filter, Turkish (super-fine grind)

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This signature blend of ours, is best bought among folks who like to be woken up with a jolt!
Don’t get us wrong, this is not the typical bitter espresso blend which will remind you of someone pulling off your blanket.


It smells like an assortment of caramel, grapes, chocolate and with hints of citric. Kaveri Blend has distinct sandalwood and a stone fruit taste which will keep you going through the day.


Well developed highlighting acidity, balanced with the slight bitters from a medium-dark roast.


A very fulfilling thick body with long lingering taste.

Best made either as an espresso or a cappuccino, Kaveri Blend is an ideal breakfast coffee. Pairs well with toast butter, croissant.