Buma Devi

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Sun-dried Cherry
50% Arabica, 50% Robusta
organic & fair trade certified
Growing Region: Wayanad, Kerala
Height Of Cultivation: 2500 – 3000 ft (750-900m) above sea level
Processing Method:Sun-dried / natural
Roast Level: dark roast (227°C / 440 F MET)
Bitter notes of caramel and dark-chocolate emerge.
Grade:AB, PB

Grinding: Always try to grind your beans just before brewing. If you do not have a grinder then, we will freshly grind your coffee, choose the grinding style depending on your brewing method. French press (coarse grind), V60, Moka pot, Aeropress, Espresso, South Indian Filter, Turkish (super-fine grind)

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A coffee dedicated to Mother Earth surely needs to have taste and flavor which make it stay true to its name and describe it perfectly. Buma Devi is a blend of cherry Robusta and Arabica, the combination in right proportions gives a perfect parity between starkly contrasting notes.


The aroma has a real earthy feel consisting of honey, caramel, piercing spices, black grapes balanced out with a real dark-bold vibe. When you taste Buma Devi, it is evident that the coffee is far from complex but has a good symmetry between the notes of dry cherries, subtle tartness and sharpness.


The coffee is low to moderately acidic.


It has a strong and round body.

Buma Devi is a perfect match for milk, as its body and caramels will complement the milk’s sweetness. It is a real pleasant experience to wash down some snacks with a bold cup of Buma Devi.