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Natural processed
100% Arabica
Organic certified

Winner of the “Flavor of India” as the best Arabica, 2004

Growing Region: Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
Height Of Cultivation: 4000-6000 ft (1200 – 1800 m) above sea level
Processing Method:Pulp sun dried: Honey
Gives slightly more acidity than the natural dry process and retains a good body with lingering sweet notes.
Roast Level: medium (213°C / 415 F MET)
Gives the perfect balance between the original and the roast characteristics to the coffee bean.
Cultivars: Selection 795, Bourbon, Kents, Caturra
Grade:clean bulk

Grinding: Always try to grind your beans just before brewing. If you do not have a grinder then, we will freshly grind your coffee, choose the grinding style depending on your brewing method. French press (coarse grind), V60, Moka pot, Aeropress, Espresso, South Indian Filter, Turkish (super-fine grind)

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This is easily among the rarest and finest coffees our roastery has to offer.

Grown under the natural shade of ‘shola’ trees and others like jackfruit, cedar, African Neem and alongside some spices, the Balmaadi coffee offers a taste of its surroundings in every sip.
The roast, leaning towards medium dark, has attributes giving it a perfect balance between medium and light roasts. Best brewed in a French press, the brew’s aroma can be best described as fresh and earthy sweet; almost like a forest full of caramel, honey and blackberries. But, that’s not the end of it, you also have the not so subtle dark chocolate taste for the dark roast lovers with some faint nutty-sweet notes.


The body of the brew is neither too thin nor too delicate to be washed out easily after a sip and you will find yourself with an empty mug sooner than you think.


It has a pleasant acidity and gives a lot of character to the coffee complementing the citric and spicy notes.

When your cup is empty, you have a toasty and a sweet citric taste left on your palate which shall make you brew a press again.