Signature Blends
Every coffee comes with it’s own specific set of flavors, just as any other fruit has variations in taste and appearance. A roaster blends multiple coffees together to combine flavors to come to a result in which the sum is greater than the count of it’s single ingredients. Its not just physics, its chemistry, just like a bartender mixing up drinks, or a chef creating a formidable dish.

A coffees taste is influenced by the terroir (soil it grows on), by the cultivar of the plant, by the moment of picking, the post-harvest processing, the drying process, the storage conditions after drying and possibly the curing. Only thereafter the roaster takes control and does some magic on the bean.

Our signature blends reflect the qualities of coffee we have sourced, with the characteristics that were given to them at their home somewhere tucked away in the South Indian mountain ranges, but also our style and interpretation of how they harmonize together and grow beyond their individual limitations.