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Pranoy’s Pride

100% Arabica, Shade Grown
Origin:  Chickmangalur – Karnataka
Elevation:  (1200-1500m) above sea level
Processing Method:  Natural
Roast :  City Roast / Medium
Cultivars: Arabica S6
Grade:  Clean Bulk


Monsooned Malabar

100% Arabica
Certification: UTZ
Origin: Coorg, Karnataka
Elevation: 2500-3000 ft (750 – 900 m) above sea level
Processing Method: Natural & Monsooned
Makes coffee smooth and mellow, India’s own specialty processing method.
Roast: New England / Light Roast (200°C / 392 F MET)
Puts the little acidity in Monsooned coffee forward to highlight the rare aromas.
Grade: AA


Turkish Blend


From café’s in Istanbul bazaars, Turkish coffee became famous worldwide for its intensity, oriental flavor and unique aroma.
Marc’s Turkish Coffee is made by using superb Indian Arabica coffee, blended with cardamom, grown in the jungles of Wayanad.
‘Coffee Ideas!’ carefully selects and sources the ingredients, which come from certified Indian organic plantations.