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Kaveri Espresso Blend

85% Arabica, 15% Robusta

Our Espresso Blend is composed of three different coffees, to produce a fragrant, sweet, aromatic, round bodied, and balanced cup. The quintessence of an Indian Espresso; complex notes of roasted nuts, caramel, warm spices, red fruits, and cacao.

Certification: Rainforest and UTZ
Origin: Pulney Hills, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 2500-4000 ft (750 – 1200 m) above sea level
Processing Method: 70% fully washed; 30 % sun-dried / natural
Gives a mix of highlighting acidity, as well as the roundness and sweetness of sun-dried processing
Roast Level: City roast / Medium (217°C / 420 F MET)
Balances the acidity and flavour notes with the strong caramels from darker roasts
Cultivars: Indian Selection varieties
Grade: AA, AB, PB



100% Arabica
This is easily among the rarest and finest coffees our roastery has to offer.

The brew’s aroma is best described with notes of dark chocolate, forest ripe fruits. Round and sweet body like  sultana syrup. It has an exquisite acidity that gives a lot of character to this lovely coffee.

Certification: Organic
Origin: Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 4000-6000 ft (1200 – 1800 m) above sea level
Processing Method: Natural
Roast Level: City Roast / Medium  (213°C / 415 F MET)
Gives the perfect balance between the original and the roast characteristics to the coffee bean.
Cultivars: Selection 795, Bourbon, Kents, Caturra
Grade: clean bulk


Pranoy’s Pride

100% Arabica, Shade Grown

This brew’s profile is best described as berried – reflecting the richness of the forest it’s grown in. It is a very bold and balanced cup. It has fresh acidity that isn’t too pronounced, but offers just the right spark on the palette.

Origin:  Chickmangalur – Karnataka
Elevation:  (1200-1500m) above sea level
Processing Method:  Natural
Roast :  City Roast / Medium
Cultivars: Arabica S6
Grade:  Clean Bulk



100% Fine Robusta

This coffee has a deep and sweet fragrance of chocolate and mature red fruits. It is robust in body, smooth to the tongue and has a rich and lingering aftertaste.

Certification:   Rainforest Certified
Origin:   Coorg, Karnataka
Elevation:  1000 -m above sea level
Processing Method:   Washed C x R
Roast Level:   City Roast / Medium
Cultivars:   C x R
Grade:  Clean Bulk


Koraput – Brown Valley Single Estate – Odisha



discover the terroir of Koraput in your cup . This delicious arabica washed is grown semi wild under the shade of trees and by the tribals of Koraput, Odisha.

Medium Roasted to highlight the bright acidity , yet bringing forward the sweetness of ripe banana and nutty notes like walnuts.

Processing: washed
Altitude : 900

Christmas Blend


This is a blend of 4 coffees from 2 species,
all grown in 1 estate: Halli Berri, in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.
1 Coffea canefora; Sl. 274, and 3 Coffea arabicas; Obata, Chandragiri and Sl. 795.

This nano lot was processed using Marc’s molecular coffee fermentation method after harvesting the cherries.