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100% Arabica

Winner of the “Flavour of India” as the best Arabica, 2004

Certification: Organic
Origin: Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 4000-6000 ft (1200 – 1800 m) above sea level
Processing Method: Natural
Roast Level: City Roast / Medium  (213°C / 415 F MET)
Gives the perfect balance between the original and the roast characteristics to the coffee bean.
Cultivars: Selection 795, Bourbon, Kents, Caturra
Grade: clean bulk


Kaveri Espresso Blend

85% Arabica, 15% Robusta
Certification: Rainforest and UTZ
Origin: Pulney Hills, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 2500-4000 ft (750 – 1200 m) above sea level
Processing Method: 70% fully washed; 30 % sun-dried / natural
Gives a mix of highlighting acidity, as well as the roundness and sweetness of sun-dried processing
Roast Level: City roast / Medium (217°C / 420 F MET)
Balances the acidity and flavour notes with the strong caramels from darker roasts
Cultivars: Indian Selection varieties
Grade: AA, AB, PB


Neri Malai

100% Arabica
Certification:  Organic
Origin:  Pulneys Hills, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 1200 – meters above sea level
Processing Method:  Washed
Roast:  City Roast / Medium
Grade: AA


Julien Peak

100% Arabica
Certification: UTZ
Origin: Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 4000 – 5000 ft (1200-1500m) above sea level
Processing Method: Washed / wet-processed (with a previous fermentation of 24 hours)
Gives more acidic and floral aroma notes with less body than the natural dry process.
Roast: City Roast / Medium (207°C / 405 F MET)
The subtle aromas of sweet cinnamon and citrus come forward.
Cultivars: Selection 795, Chandragiri
Grade: A


Koraput, Tribe-O project

100% Arabica, Semi-wild
Certification:  Organically grown, without certification
Origin:  Odisha
Elevation:  (1200-m) above sea level
Processing Method:  Natural
Roast:  City Roast / Medium
Cultivars:  Arabica SL 8
Grade: AA


Tanzania – Mount Meru



100% Arabica, Shade-Grown, 85+ Coffee
Origin: Mount Meru, Tanzania
Elevation: 1400 masl
Processing Method:  Washed
Roast Level:  City Roast / Medium
Cultivars:  Typica / Nyara
Grade: Clean bulk