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AeroPress Go


Perhaps the trendiest of all new coffee inventions. Brew as you travel, practice all variations and surprise your friends on your hand press coffee techniques!

Black Mirror Scale


For extremely precise espressos and pour-overs.


Cold Brew Ice Dripper


Ice coffee in less that 3 hours.
Elegant and easy to use, contains glass server for pouring up your cold brew.

Smart Electric Kettle


Beautiful and highly precise kettle, the the most convenient and perfect pouring.
Another Timemore gem.

Coffee Decanter


High quality Timemore Coffee Server in glass (600ml)
This simple, yet elegant decanter is perfect for every interior.

The Chesnut Grinder


The perfect little gadget for beginners, and long-time coffee lovers, who enjoy their coffee freshly hand-ground.

Vacuum Siphon


As the twenty-first century dawns, the popularity of the vacuum siphon is experiencing something of a renaissance, fueled by those individuals who appreciate fine coffee and by those who are attracted to the nostalgia of its Art Deco appeal.