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Christmas Spirit

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This blend is the embodiment of the Christmas Spirit with rich notes of roasted almonds, warm spices, candied orange, and chocolate that converge together to bring a harmonious union of four distinct coffees from two species. Recommended brewing: It brews excellently in any preferred method of your choice! We recommend experiencing this coffee either as an AeroPress or Cortado.

Yemmegundi Molecular

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Straight from the scenic Yemmegundi Estate in Coorg, Karnataka. These exceptional coffee beans undergo a unique fermentation process, utilising indigenous microorganisms for a complex flavour profile.  Yemmegundi Estate, spanning 100 acres in Suntikoppa, Coorg, is not only abundant with coffee but also has a rich biodiversity. Alongside coffee, you'll find pepper, cardamom, and avocados, creating a balanced ecosystem. Impressions: This coffee exhibits a delicate and subtle floral fragrance, a medium body with a buttery and exceptionally smooth mouthfeel, lively acidity reminiscent of green apple, nutty flavours, and a clean cup profile with a lingering aftertaste of green tea and chamomile.  

Ratna Raga

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100% Arabica

This 100% Arabica blend is a light medium roast with low bitterness, light to medium body and a long lasting finish. A clean cup, showcasing a distinctive flavour profile marked by a delightful sweetness; cheesecake, raspberry jam, blood orange, honey, and apricot are among its notes.

Skia blend

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Shade grown in coorg Ashis rao a first generation planter who is stepping in the game with a whole new perspective and focusing on value addition with science and technology. Origin: Skia is situated in Coorg, Karnataka. Blend: 60% rousta 40% arabica Biodiversity: The area flourishes with Jackfruit, Avocado, Pepper, and a variety of Native Forest Trees - Process: Molecular lactic fermentation - Genetics: Robusta- CxR, Arabica- Chandragiri - Producer: Ashish Rao - Roast profile: Medium dark - Elevation: 1024 masl - Drying: Polyhouse with temperature and humidity monitoring ground - recommended with: milk Sensory Experience: Hazelnut, walnut and brownie fudge

Pranoy’s Pride

This 100% Arabica Single estate, emerges from Kerehaklu Estate, Aldur, Chikmagalur. 

A one-of-a-kind plantation with unparalleled terroir and abundant biodiversity. 

Pranoys Pride is fermented by the process of sequential anoxic fermentation- fermentation that occurs in the absence of oxygen in shaded ambient conditions and is raked on raised beds by hand, giving this coffee its distinct flavour. Being an omni roast, it can be enjoyed as a manual brew or as an espresso, giving you the best of both worlds!

Sensory Experience:

 The essence of forest berries intertwined with sweet spices. A velvety sip that reveals the gradual embrace of rich milk chocolate, leaving behind a lingering aftertaste that caresses your palate with its buttery texture. Its bold body and invigorating acidity makes Pranoy's Pride a harmonious and truly satisfying cup.

Boothangudi Decaf

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Pack of 100 grams We are proud to present you with our Indian specialty decaf coffee. We see it as a big step in the industry that we can fulfill our needs and those of a country and supply India with a specialty grade Indian decaf. This coffee is roasted as a full city, or in other words, it is a medium-dark roast. We recommend that you brew it as an espresso in the Moka or French press. May the coffee spirit be with you

Mahseer’s Hope

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Placing Indian Coffees on the map The Mahseer is a single estate washed specialty coffee from Kerehaklu Estate, Aldur, Chikkamagaluru. This coffee creates an impact on many levels, from social to environmental, and bringing awareness to the nearly extinct Humpback Mahseer Origin: Kerehaklu Estate, Aldur, Chikkamagaluru. A plantation in the hands of the Thipaiah family for 5 generations has unique terroir, biodiversity  and an average elevation of 1158 masl. Biodiversity: Block frequented by bison and elephant and malabar squirrel in canopy. Process : Washed - Genetics : SL9 Arabica - Block : Mavinahatti - Roast profile : Medium omni - Brix at harvest: 22 - Drying : 14 days in polyhouse - Ageing: In jute, off the ground 

Harvest Pick

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Tat Tvam Asi Organic Farm

100 % Arabica

Medium ( Omni ) Roast


May the coffee spirit be with you


1400 MASL - 13.4 N latitude

Bababudangiris - Karnataka

Salawara Reserve

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Certification: Rain Forest
Origin: Hassan, Karnataka
Elevation:  (1000-m) above sea level
Processing Method:  Red Honey
Roast Level:  New England Roast
Cultivars: Chandragiri
Grade:  AA

Old Kent Vienna

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100% Arabica
As any excellent Dark Roast cup of coffee, this single-estate coffee has the common, bold, smoky notes. This goes hand in hand with the cacao highlights. It's touch of uniqueness lies in the spiced tones that come as an always pleasant surprise.
Origin:  Coorg - Karnataka
Elevation:  (1000-1100m) above sea level
Processing Method:  Natural and Washed
Roast :  Vienna Roast
Cultivars: Arabica Indian Selection
Grade:  AA

Neri Malai Creek

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  1. 100% Arabica
The fragrance of roasted nuts and milk chocolate will take you by surprise. Well-balanced with all of what you need in a quality cup; intense flavours, mild acidity and hints of spices.
Certification:  Organic
Origin:  Pulneys Hills, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 1200 - meters above sea level
Processing Method:  Washed
Roast:  City Roast / Medium
Grade: AA

Sandalkad Estate

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100% Fine Robusta
This coffee has a deep and sweet fragrance of chocolate and mature red fruits. It is robust in body, smooth to the tongue and has a rich and lingering aftertaste.
Certification:   Rainforest Certified
Origin:   Coorg, Karnataka
Elevation:  1000 -m above sea level
Processing Method:   Washed C x R
Roast Level:   City Roast / Medium
Cultivars:   C x R
Grade:  Clean Bulk

Kaveri Espresso

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85% Arabica, 15% Robusta
Our Espresso Blend is composed of three different coffees, to produce a fragrant, sweet, aromatic, round bodied, and balanced cup. The quintessence of an Indian Espresso; complex notes of roasted nuts, caramel, warm spices, red fruits, and cacao.
Certification: Rainforest and UTZ
Origin: Pulney Hills, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 2500-4000 ft (750 - 1200 m) above sea level
Processing Method: 70% fully washed; 30 % sun-dried / natural Gives a mix of highlighting acidity, as well as the roundness and sweetness of sun-dried processing
Roast Level: City roast / Medium (217°C / 420 F MET) Balances the acidity and flavour notes with the strong caramels from darker roasts
Cultivars: Indian Selection varieties
Grade: AA, AB, PB

Malabar Monsoon

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100% Arabica
This brew has a very unique fragrance due the "Monsooning" process. Mellow, soft and smooth body with hints of roasted malt and a winy finish.
Certification: UTZ
Origin: Coorg, Karnataka
Elevation: 2500-3000 ft (750 - 900 m) above sea level
Processing Method: Natural & Monsooned Makes coffee smooth and mellow, India's own specialty processing method.
Roast: New England / Light Roast (200°C / 392 F MET) Puts the little acidity in Monsooned coffee forward to highlight the rare aromas.
Grade: AA

Malabar Blues

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50% Arabica, 50% Robusta
In short, this coffee is culture and tradition in a cup. It holds the fine aromas of raisins, caramel and traces of spice. Its chocolate notes are bold and the tinge of vanilla tops the whole experience. The coffee has a silky smooth, yet full body.
Cetification: UTZ
Origin: Coorg, Karnataka
Elevation: 2500-3000 ft (750 - 900 m) above sea level
Processing Method: Monsooned Makes coffee smooth and mellow, India's own specialty processing method.
Roast : dark-roast (225°C / 437 F MET) Smooth dark chocolate bitters and some natural sweetness.
Grade: AA
Roaster's note:

A coffee seed wrapped in leaf gold that will smack you out of your dreams in the morning, or whenever you need a kickstart. If you believe you don't like espresso, try this. It'll change the way you think about espresso. Extra smooth & chocolaty extremely low in acidity. If it was chewable, we could sell it as cake.


Buma Devi Breakfast

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50% Arabica, 50% Robusta
This combination in right proportions - of Robusta and Arabica beans - gives perfect parity between starkly contrasting notes. The aroma has a real earthy feel consisting of honey, caramel, piercing spices and black grapes, balanced out with a deep dark-bold vibe. It has a strong and round body.
Certification: Organic + Fair Trade
Origin: Wayanad, Kerala
Elevation: 2500 - 3000 ft (750-900m) above sea level
Processing Method: Natural
Roast: Full City / Dark roast (227°C / 440 F MET) Bitter notes of caramel and dark-chocolate emerge.
Grade: AB, PB

Julien Peak Forest

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100% Arabica
This brew's aroma is an amalgamation of citrus notes, cinnamon, accompanied by the sweetness of molasses. When tasted, the floral citric notes come forward, with a juicy acidity, well-balanced by nutty notes of peanut brittle and sweet spices.
Certification: UTZ
Origin: Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 4000 - 5000 ft (1200-1500m) above sea level
Processing Method: Washed / wet-processed (with a previous fermentation of 24 hours) Gives more acidic and floral aroma notes with less body than the natural dry process.
Roast: City Roast / Medium (207°C / 405 F MET) The subtle aromas of sweet cinnamon and citrus come forward.
Cultivars: Selection 795, Chandragiri
Grade: A

Balmaadi Wild

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100% Arabica
This is easily among the rarest and finest coffees our roastery has to offer.
The brew’s aroma is best described with notes of dark chocolate, forest ripe fruits. Round and sweet body like  sultana syrup. It has an exquisite acidity that gives a lot of character to this lovely coffee.
Certification: Organic
Origin: Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 4000-6000 ft (1200 - 1800 m) above sea level
Processing Method: Natural
Roast Level: City Roast / Medium  (213°C / 415 F MET) Gives the perfect balance between the original and the roast characteristics to the coffee bean.
Cultivars: Selection 795, Bourbon, Kents, Caturra
Grade: clean bulk

Turkish Blend

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From café's in Istanbul bazaars, Turkish coffee became famous worldwide for its intensity, oriental flavor and unique aroma. Marc's Turkish Coffee is made by using superb Indian Arabica coffee, blended with cardamom, grown in the jungles of Wayanad. 'Coffee Ideas!' carefully selects and sources the ingredients, which come from certified Indian organic plantations.