In my career, I have encountered numerous coffee enthusiasts who proudly nurture coffee plants in their homes. Beyond a mere beverage, having a coffee plant establishes a deeper connection to this beloved brew, providing an opportunity to delve into its taxonomy, anatomy, and various other intriguing facets. Besides, the coffee plant is a beauty to steer at and a great companion! 

Optimal Environment for Coffee Plants

For urban dwellers residing in regions with mild winters (never dipping below freezing temperatures), an outdoor terrace serves as an ideal habitat for coffee plants. The key lies in striking a balance between morning sun exposure and afternoon shade, ensuring ample UV light for photosynthesis. By finding the perfect orientation, you pave the way for a thriving coffee plant.

Selecting the Right Soil

The soil chosen should be rich in organic matter, with a slight sandy texture to facilitate proper drainage, as coffee plants are averse to waterlogged conditions.

Germination Process

To embark on the germination journey, gather the following essentials:

  • Fresh coffee seeds with parchment, no older than six months from harvest.
  • A beaker or glass jar for soaking the seeds in filtered water for one day.
  • A sprouting tray comprising three components: base, seed compartments, and lid. Utilise sand or sieved and sterilised soil to prevent fungus contamination.
  • A water sprayer.

Eager Coffee Shoots

Anticipate the emergence of coffee seedlings, called soldiers, from the soil within approximately 30 to 40 days. Once the first pair of leaves, known as cotyledons, unfurl, transfer the seedling to a larger pot and allow it to flourish for nine months. Subsequently, transplant it once more to accommodate further growth and maturation in a bigger pot. 

Harvesting Your First Crop

Patience yields its own rewards. After two to three years, the coffee plant will grace you with its inaugural flowers, followed by your very first harvest.

Stay tuned, and may the spirit of coffee be with you,
Marc Tormo.